Packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co. has produced a neck banding machine that automatically applies tamper-evident shrinkbands onto tiny bottles. Called the Pharmafill NB1, the neck bander features proprietary engineering that accommodates bottles as small as an inch in height, caps as small as 14 mm in diameter and shrinkbands with a lay flat width as short as 25-mm and band lengths as short as 20 mm after cutting. The neck bands and sleeve labels are “consistently applied at high production speeds with the precision and alignment required to ensure proper seal integrity after the heat shrinking process,” the company says. The neck band is proven to be safe and effective for banding glass, metal and plastic bottles with screw caps, droppers, misters and spray pumps, as well as with all types of heat-shrinkable banding materials, it notes. Additionally, the neck band application machine includes stainless steel construction and complies with FDA requirements. The Pharmafill NB1 is designed and manufactured in the company’s Wall, N.J.-based headquarters and is available with companion conveyors and heat tunnels. The company’s in-house testing and training line are offering machine and product testing.

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