Global leader in video safety and telematics Lytx Inc., revealed its Weather Hazard Alerts. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered geospatial technology is available to all Lytx clients as a project within the Lytx Lab tab in their accounts. Developed within the Lytx Lab, the alert system allows fleet managers to receive notifications based on geospatial criteria and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather data, facilitating real-time decision-making for safer and more efficient driving, the company notes. “As trailblazers in geospatial intelligence, we are excited to present our customers with the power of our extensive data network combined with AI that understands context, enabling us to provide invaluable insights that enhance safety and promote operational excellence,” said Rajesh Rudraradhya, Lytx’s chief technology officer, in a statement. “Through the application of machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to analyze vehicle imagery from vehicles in hazardous conditions, we are actively progressing towards the creation of highly localized weather alerts, advancing our predictive intelligence to anticipate potential risks and proactively prevent accidents.” Noting that Weather Hazard Alerts can be filtered from factors like location, time frame and type of severe weather, fleet managers can view current images from across the Lytx network, which is the industry’s largest network of cloud-connected devices via the Lytx Vision Platform, the company says.

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