Two Roads Brewing Co. unveiled its first-ever, portfolio-wide packaging refresh – one that speaks to a more consumer packaged goods (CPG)-oriented approach to the brewer's brand, shelf presence and marketing support, the company says. 

Retaining its iconic, fan-favorite crossed-arms logo, every Two Roads can, bottle and box now showcases a stronger master-brand architecture, greater emphasis on its sub-brands and styles, and a more modernly clean approach to design. While Two Roads’ original packaging helped establish the brand as a household name among discerning craft fans, the new design instills more consistency across all lines and products, enabling Two Roads to make a stronger, more unified statement on shelf, the company says.

Two years in the making, the refresh resulted from extensive internal and external research, including direct feedback from retailers and distributors and a series of consumer surveys, panels and focus groups.

“Our category is far more competitive than it was when Two Roads launched in 2012. Today, more than ever, craft brewers need to have branding that makes the selection process easier for the consumer: brands need to stand out, stand for something and have staying power,” said Brad Hittle, co-founder and CEO of Two Roads Brewing Co., in a statement. “We’ve always been about taking the road less traveled, and our revamped packaging keeps that feeling front and center while making it easier to find us, identify our sub-branding and styles, and appeal to a new generation of craft fans.”

The refreshed packaging will roll out over the next few months.