Giesen 0% of New Zealand, a global premium brand in alcohol-removed wines, announced the release of Giesen 0% New Zealand Riesling, the newest addition to its non-alcohol range.

Giesen 0% Riesling offers mindful wine drinkers a lower-calorie, non-alcohol option with less than 0.5% alcohol per volume, no added sugars, and 33 calories in each 5-ounce standard serving (as compared with Giesen 10.5% Riesling), the company says.

Giesen Group’s extension to their premium non-alcohol range follows the successful launch of its first alcohol-removed New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in 2020, and the introduction of Giesen 0% Pinot Grigio, Premium Red and Rosé in spring 2022, it notes.

“Giesen 0% Riesling is a response to overwhelming customer feedback to add this popular, food-friendly varietal to our core range,” said Duncan Shouler, chief winemaker at Giesen Group, in a statement. “Our new Riesling is my personal favorite from the Giesen non-alcoholic range. The fruit is sourced from Marlborough and Waipara, with Marlborough’s signature bright, citrus flavor and Waipara florals at the forefront. Riesling is such an expressive variety, and we’re able to preserve its vibrant aromatic character through our gentle alcohol removal process.”

The new Giesen 0% New Zealand Riesling is available to purchase for a suggested retail price of $15.99 by visiting the company’s website. Giesen 0% Riesling is best as an aperitif and offers a classic varietal structure to pair with complex dishes, the company says. Bartenders also have developed a range of non-alcohol cocktails, such as the Riesling 0% Mojito, as a lively alternative to full-strength drinks, it notes.