Allpax, a product brand of ProMach, offers a tiered approach to service contracts for both onsite and remote-access technical support that is provided by the same specialists who build the automated retort systems. The program ensures that customers facing staffing challenges have access to skilled support personnel and a comprehensive strategy for maintaining their retort operations at peak efficiency, the company says. One of the novel aspects of the new program is that service contracts are customized to the situation of the plant. Three levels of contract services are available for onsite and remote support, which provides a starting point for identifying the optimum support strategy for each plant. Once the skills, time and tasks required on an annual basis are defined, a meeting is prescheduled with mechanical and controls personnel to be onsite for preventive or routine maintenance and/or to be available for remote diagnostics. Contracting for the ideal level of maintenance beforehand lowers the cost of support as compared with reactive support requests, and ensures the right resources are available at the right time. Service by original equipment manufacturers reduces risk, while ensuring peace of mind.

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