Deschutes Brewery announced the most recent release of The Abyss, which features a new packaging format.

First released in 2006, The Abyss 2020 will release in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles for the first time. This new presentation makes this fan favorite among the brewery’s Reserve Series accessible to enjoy immediately, share, and/or age, the company says.

“In this time, we are eating and drinking at home more often,” said Veronica Vega, new product development director at Deschutes, in a statement. “What I find most exciting about this new format is that we can make any night something special by pouring one of these out into a snifter and having that be 'the occasion.' "

The Abyss is an exclusive barrel-aged Imperial Stout. Brewed with licorice, cherry bark and molasses, the dark malt character is amplified, creating layers and layers of flavors that can be unraveled as the beer warms in the glass, according to the company. Deschutes utilizes a Trappist yeast capable of handling the high alcohol (11.7 percent alcohol by volume) and ages in a blend of new oak, bourbon and wine barrels.