Lausanne, Switzerland-based Nespresso announced that its Nespresso Professional brand launched Peru Organic, the first certified organic Nespresso coffee, it says. The addition of Peru Organic is part of a revamp of the brand's Professional Origins coffee range, which includes three other single-origin coffees sourced from Brazil, Guatemala and India. All four are designed for Nespresso Professional coffee machines, including the recently launched Nespresso Momento machine range.

All four Professional Origins coffees are sourced from carefully selected regions within their respective countries, and they are cultivated, harvested, and processed using methods endorsed by local farmers, it says.

"Whether running a restaurant, serving coffee to hotel guests or ensuring office employees feel valued, we know having the highest quality, sustainably sourced coffee matters," said Kika Buhrmann, vice president of Nespresso Professional USA, in a statement. "That's why we're always looking for new offerings for our partners, and we're immensely proud of our revamped Nespresso Professional Origins range; it blends together distinctive flavor, sustainability, and an authentic connection to these four coffee producing countries."

The latest Nespresso Professional Origins coffee is certified organic by both the European Union and the United States Department of Agriculture.

"Nespresso is excited to announce its first organic blend, Peru Organic, which is produced in collaboration with local farming communities," said Daniel Weston, head of sustainability at Nespresso, in a statement. "Drinking organic coffee is a burgeoning lifestyle choice, which is why we've taken the time and care to craft Peru Organic. Produced in accordance with strict practices and controls across the whole supply chain, we hope our customers will enjoy the unique taste of this beautiful new organic coffee."

To create Peru Organic, Nespresso Professional chose 450 smallholder farmers in the Cajamarca region, in northwestern Peru, nestled about 5,250 to 6,890 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains. The independent farmers in this region hand-harvest the coffee cherries and dry them in their own backyards, according to the company. They also use fertilizers made from organic materials, like banana skins, and utilize native plants like guava and lucuma to naturally shade the coffee trees and protect the local flora and fauna.

"Just as the four countries differ in geography, culture, and climate, the four unique coffees in our Nespresso Professional Origins range each deliver a different aroma and flavor," Buhrmann said, "and we guide customers to the perfect cup size and milk pairing, whichever single-origin coffee best meets their clients' tastes." 

With the addition of Peru Organic, the Nespresso Professional coffee range is comprised of 15 unique coffees.