Larson Electronics offers a new three-phase Delta buck and boost step-down transformer for use in indoor and outdoor settings. The unit provides protection against critical equipment failures and isolates the power source from the connected device for added protection, the company says. It features a 4.64kVA rating and a primary voltage of 257V Delta, using 10.42 amps on the primary side and a secondary voltage of 234V Delta using 11.44 amps on the secondary side. This unit’s cores are made from non-aging, cold-rolled silicon steel laminations with close tolerances used during manufacturing to adjust voltage. The unit’s exterior features aluminum winding and cores that are specially coated to prevent moisture and are electrically balanced to minimize axial forces during short-circuit events. Additionally, the buck and boost transformer is housed in a silica sand and resin NEMA 3R steel enclosure. Suitable applications for the transformer include lighting systems, heating elements and air conditioners.

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