Monroe, Wis.-based Small Town Craft Spirits announced the launch of Not Your Father’s Bourbon, the first in a new line of spirits from the craft spirits company. The company is putting a spin on the centuries-old spirit for a new generation of whiskey drinkers and cocktail connoisseurs, it says. 
Crafted for veteran and novice bourbon drinkers alike, Not Your Father’s Bourbon is an 86-proof (43 percent alcohol-by-volume), small-batch bourbon with a hint of vanilla for a subtle, sweet taste, the company says. Small Town Craft Spirits is from the makers of Small Town Brewery, pioneer of the flavored craft category with Not Your Father’s Root Beer.
With more than 12 percent growth in the 85-plus-proof bourbon sector in the 13 weeks ending Oct. 1, according to Chicago-based Information Resources Inc., Small Town Craft Spirits saw an opportunity to break ground in this category with a unique and accessible flavor profile that stands out from competitive brands, it says. The distinctive blend of ingredients combined with the brand’s smooth finish creates a spirit that is far from ordinary.  Small Town Craft Spirits is excited to offer a bourbon at an affordable price point with top-shelf taste that can be enjoyed during any occasion — from relaxing at home to celebrating a night out with friends, it adds. 
Small Town Craft Spirits celebrates the rich history and heritage behind bourbon, but is excited to launch an option with a unique flavor twist and finish, different from what is expected, it says. While most flavored whiskeys taste more like the flavor than the whiskey, Small Town Craft Spirits believes that the whiskey is the most important part, so a touch of Madagascar vanilla was added to enhance the flavor of Not Your Father’s Bourbon, not mask it, it adds.
Created to be approachable for all spirits drinkers, Not Your Father’s Bourbon can be consumed on the rocks or in a mixed drink. The company suggests mixing it with Not Your Father’s Root Beer for an indulgent cocktail.  
Not Your Father’s Bourbon comes in 750-ml bottles and is available in Illinois and Wisconsin with plans to launch nationwide by the first quarter of 2018.