Taiyo International Inc. presents a new raw coffee bean ingredient with a wide range of applications. Functional WGCP (whole green coffee powder), derived from raw coffee beans using a patented technology, improves both mental focus and concentration for as long as six to eight hours, helps to reduce and stabilize blood glucose levels, and can act as an appetite suppressant, the company says. Compared with coffee extracts, WGCP contains caffeine and a variety of other valuable coffee bean components, such as chlorogenic acids, antioxidants, minerals and dietary fibers, it adds. The natural raw coffee bean ingredient delivers sustained caffeine release without the associated side-effects of jitters, a rapid heartbeat and the “boom and bust” phenomenon, according to the company. Because of its sustained caffeine release, WGCP is suitable for natural and gentle energy products. The ingredient supports concentration or endurance and performance product attributes as well as weight management positioning due to it being an appetite suppressant. Manufacturers can incorporate WGCP into a variety of food formulations, including granola bars, drinks and dietary supplements such as protein powders, shots or capsules. WGCP is vegan, free from gluten, non-GMO and meets current consumer demands. Taiyo processes the coffee beans using a patented technology to retain the raw material’s valuable components. WGCP is available as a powder from Robusta and Arabica beans.

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