Approximately 20,000 attendees and 1,200 exhibitors plan to attend the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) annual conference and expo. IFT17: Go With Purpose will take place June 25-28 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. This year’s theme, Go With Purpose, highlights the latest research, solutions and groundbreaking innovations that will be shared at IFT17, the association says.

The tradeshow also will feature approximately 100 sessions that address the latest trends and regulations impacting food technology and safety. Featured sessions also will be on-hand and will include the premiere of the “Food Evolution” film; Processed Food: The Good, the Bad and the Science, an interactive panel moderated by Washington Post columnist Tamar Haspel; and a presentation by Dr. Andrew Pelling.

Pelling, a scientist, entrepreneur and renowned TED Senior Fellow, will provide a talk to challenge curiosity and inspire creativity, the association says. Pelling is a professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Ottawa, where he founded a research lab that brings together artists, scientists, social scientists and engineers to drive innovation.

Processed Food: The Good, the Bad and the Science will be a discussion panel featuring historians, doctors, scientists and food company executives discussing the controversy and pros and cons of processed food.

The film premiere of “Food Evolution” will be followed by a panel discussion. From Academy Award-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy, narrated by science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson and made possible by IFT, “Food Evolution” explores a polarized debate marked by fear, distrust and confusion: the controversy surrounding GMOs and food. The panel discussion will be moderated by Colin Dennis, IFT President 2015-2016, and feature panelists Hamilton Kennedy, producer Trace Sheehan and special guests featured in the film.

Food professionals can register online to attend IFT17 at Those who register by May 12, will save up to $150. IFT non-members can easily join when they register and save up to 40 percent off of the registration cost. BI

BI Nutraceuticals

2384 East Pacifica Place, Rancho Dominguez, Calif. 90220-6214


IFT Booth No: 1745

BI can help add functionality and value to beverages with ingredients ranging from botanical fibers to fruit and vegetable powders. BI conducts extensive species identification and quality testing on every ingredient so manufacturers can be assured that  each one meets clean-label claims. With more than 200 GRAS ingredients available, there’s no limit to what BI can do to boost the healthful properties of your beverages. Additionally, BI has developed a comprehensive database of its GRAS ingredients and has segmented them into 12 condition-specific, functional platforms, allowing beverage manufacturers to quickly and easily locate specific ingredients appropriate for new product development. Functional platforms include anti-aging, bone health, calming, cognitive, digestive, energy, eye health, heart health, immunity, joint/inflammation, sleep and weight management. Please visit us at IFT booth No. 1745 for more information.

Blue California

30111 Tomas, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. 92688


IFT Booth No. 2247

Blue California is a manufacturer of botanical extracts and natural ingredients that meet the strictest quality requirements for the U.S. and European markets. It also offers research and development (R&D) services for product development and manufactures natural ingredients for use in flavors, foods, functional beverages, personal care products and dietary supplements. Blue California guarantees the purity, quality, efficacy and safety of its ingredients, and its manufacturing plant is kosher, halal and British Retail Consortium-certified under the guidelines for Global Standards for Food Safety, the company says. Visitors to booth 2247 can learn more about Blue California’s R&D capabilities as well as its ingredients, including Good&Sweet rebaudioside A 99 percent and L-TeaActive natural L-theanine 98 percent, which both are U.S. Food and Drug Administration generally recognized as safe (FDA GRAS); kosher and halal; Natural Caffeine 99 percent; VitaPanax pesticide-free ginseng extract; SolQ10Blue, a soluble coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) ingredient that is five times more bioavailable than regular CoQ10; and Guarana Seed Extract 22 percent Natural Caffeine.

Fortitech Premixes by DSM

2105 Technology Drive, Schenectady, N.Y. 12308


IFT Booth No: 3056

Fortitech Premixes by DSM is the one-stop source for food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers looking to fortification as a way to differentiate their products from their competition and is helping to meet the nutritional needs of consumers around the world. With a worldwide technical team on hand to assist manufacturers in incorporating any nutrient into any application, we are perfectly positioned to meet the growing demand for functional, condition-specific and better-for-you products that are so sought after by today’s consumer. Visit to learn more about the critical advantages of working with Fortitech Premixes.

Gold Coast Ingredients

2429 Yates Ave., Commerce, Calif. 90040


IFT Booth No: 457

Gold Coast Ingredients (GCI) is a privately held and operated, wholesale flavor and color manufacturer that has been satisfying taste since 1985. We are a GFSI, AIB and Organic Certified company capable of serving all types of industries from food and beverages to animal treats and oral care. With us, you will find organic, natural, Non-GMO, allergen-free and other flavors available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions and advanced extractions to be compatible with any product requirements. GCI also supplies custom, QAI Certified Organic, ISA Certified Halal, OU Certified or KOF-K Certified Kosher flavors upon request. Stop by our booth (No. 457) at IFT 17 to experience Gold Coast’s sweet and savory flavors in various 100 percent vegetarian tacos.

Hilmar Ingredients

8901 North Lander Ave., Hilmar, Calif. 95324


IFT Booth Number: 4130

Hilmar Ingredients delivers the promise of dairy — whey protein, lactose and milk powder, powerhouse ingredients for nutrition and function. At Food Expo 2017, we will feature whey proteins and skim milk powder to improve nutritional value in a trendy Latin American “agua fresca” called Horchata. Both whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate are used to supply protein nutrition across the range of digestion rates. The dry mix delivers 9 grams of protein and 100 calories in a 26 gram serving. It can be stirred into milk or water and can be used to flavor bases for other beverages or ice cream. Hilmar Ingredients is Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified and our facilities in California and Texas meet the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). At Hilmar Ingredients, we take seriously our responsibility to manage our business in a manner that balances economic, social and environmental sustainability.


3400 Millington Road, Beloit, Wis. 53511


IFT Booth No: 1440


For a significant and growing consumer base, maintaining a healthy immune system is an important part of their quality of life. Because of this, consumers proactively are searching for immune-health products to help them achieve their health-and-wellness goals. While purchase interest for immune health products remains strong, there is a gap in product availability. Wellmune is a natural food, beverage and supplement ingredient clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system, making it easier for consumers to be well and stay well. This proprietary yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan has regulatory approval in major markets around the world, including GRAS status in the U.S. and novel food approval in Europe and China. Safe for everyday consumption, Wellmune is available in more than 60 countries and is patented, kosher, halal, non-allergenic, GMO-free, gluten-free and Informed-Sport certified. This award-winning ingredient is part of Kerry’s nutrition and wellness portfolio and will be featured at the Kerry booth. Visit the Kerry booth (No. 1440) and to learn more.

Kyowa Hakko USA Inc.

600 Third Ave., 19th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10016


IFT Booth No: 5048

Cognizin is a proprietary form of citicoline, a potent brain-health nutrient, backed by numerous clinical trials that support claims for improved focus and attention. Developed using a patented fermentation process, Cognizin is an ultra-pure, vegetarian, allergen-free, non-stimulant GRAS ingredient that is stable and effective. Manufactured exclusively by KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO. LTD, Cognizin citicoline is suitable for use in dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages. Kyowa Hakko USA Inc. is the North American sales office for KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO. LTD, a world leader for more than 60 years in the research and manufacturing of high-quality branded ingredients like Cognizin citicoline. Other Kyowa GRAS ingredients include Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, for sports performance and hydration support, and L-Citrulline to support nitric oxide production.

Virginia Dare Extract Co. Inc.

882 Third Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11232


IFT Booth No. 2757

Virginia Dare helps its customers deliver preferred taste through its two product platforms:
Taste Foundations and Taste Collaborations.


Virginia Dare leads the market in sourcing and processing extracts through our Taste Foundations platform, which includes our premium vanilla, tea, coffee and cocoa extracts. Our long-term relationship with growers are deep, giving us a level of quality control that permits us to uphold the highest standards, while our market expertise lets us build strategic value for our partners.


Consumers want products that offer health benefits without compromising taste. Virginia Dare’s Taste Collaborations draws on the expertise of our dedicated technical team to promote preferred taste in healthy and clean-label products through flavors and systems for taste enhancement and modulation.