Milagro Tequila, a spirits brand of New York-based William Grant & Sons, launched a new, limited-edition expression: Unico, Second Edition. Following the success of the first edition, the extremely rare expression combines aged silver tequila with rare barrel-aged reposado and añejo reserves, creating a super-premium joven blend, the brand says. The new tequila will be available nationwide in extremely limited quantities in September.

Milagro Tequila founders Daniel Schneeweiss and Moises Guindi worked with Milagro’s Master Distiller Pedro Juarez to develop this unique blend. By using more than 16 pounds of hand-selected agave in each liter, Milagro is able to concentrate all the flavors of the agave, which gives the silver tequila an agave-forward taste with hints of chocolate, vanilla, walnut and oak and a long, complex and warm finish, according to the brand.

"Our goal for Milagro has consistently been to produce the best tequila in the world,” Guindi said in a statement. “Given the success and high demand for the first Unico edition, we felt it was necessary to release a second edition and once again provide consumers with the same high-quality product. By following old-world traditions and applying modern technologies, we created a superior expression that, all in one sip, takes you through a journey of the flavors and aromas of all our highly select Milagro tequilas.”

The base is blended with proprietary proportions of aged reserves so the tequilas can marry while still retaining many qualities of their individual flavor profiles, according to the company. The liquid is then taken through a highly specialized filtering and oxygenation process to enhance the blend and remove its color. The resulting spirit is 40 percent alcohol by volume.

Packaged in a handcrafted glass bottle, Unico, Second Edition also is bottled with a signature “pina,” the heart of the agave plant.

“Milagro Unico, Second Edition raises the standard for tequila craftsmanship and further establishes the brand as one that offers consumers cutting-edge products,” said Jill Palais, U.S. senior brand manager for Milagro Tequila, in a statement. “With fresh, clean and agave-forward flavors, we’re proud to release this ultra-premium and rare blend.”

With only 1,500 bottles produced, Milagro Unico, Second Edition will be available at select retailers, bars and restaurants nationwide at a suggested retail price of $300.