After announcing the launch of a Half Lemonade & Half Iced Tea flavored drink mix, Country Time is turning to its fans to help nickname its latest variety. A select group of celebrity Country Time fans will offer up their own name suggestions for the new half-and-half drink.  Consumers can then choose their favorite or make their own suggestions via the Country Time Facebook page.

“Entering the iced tea segment is exciting for us," said Brett Hartmann, brand manager of Country Time, in a statement. "We think the half-and-half blend could use a new nickname and with so many celebrities involved, this is sure to be an exciting promotion."

Participating celebrities include National Football League quarterback Drew Brees, singer and actress Kristen Chenoweth, veteran NASCAR driver and Waltrip Racing owner Michael Waltrip, and a surprise candidate to be revealed in early July.

“Summer is about getting ready for football and hanging with friends and family," Brees said in a statement.  "Beyond that, everybody loves the feeling of the cool breeze from the ocean. How could you call it anything but the 'Brees’?”

However, the other celebrities have their own ideas as well.

"Drew Brees is one heck of a football player, but I actually drove the Country Time car back in the day, and I can't think of anything more fitting than the new drink to simply be called, 'The Waltrip,’” Waltrip said in a statement.

National Basketball League point guard Brandon Jennings also had some thoughts on the new nickname.

“No disrespect, but this is about a new version of a drink that has been around and loved for a while," Jennings said in a statement. "I love this move. Since I was a little kid I've been mixing Country Time with all kinds of other drinks.  Let's just call it 'The Brandon.'  That sounds great to me."

The Campaign for a Name competition will be promoted through multiple forms of digital and social media, including on the Country Time Facebook page and the brand’s YouTube channel. As the summer progresses, consumers who participate in Campaign for a Name will have the opportunity to campaign and garner support for their favorite celebrities with the most ardent fan named as a campaign manager. The position also offers the opportunity to win a meeting with their favorite candidate. Country Time will launch the consumer campaign manager sweepstakes June 21 on the brand's Facebook page.

The campaign also includes five video segments that will be released throughout the summer. Release dates are June 1 and 15, and July 5, 11 and 24 with a victory speech video at the end of the campaign. The celebrity winner will be announced Sept. 3when the Country Time Facebook page will relaunch with the winning celebrity and nickname.