GLG Life Tech Corp.’s newly formed subsidiary AN0C Stevia Solutions launched a new zero-calorie product line, AN0C Dream Sweetener, which is based on GLG’s BlendSure products. AN0C Stevia Solutions focuses on providing naturally sweetened zero- and reduced-calorie food and beverage formulations outside of mainland China, where it markets products under the AN0C brand name. The AN0C Dream Sweetener line includes AN0C Dream Sweetener x10, x30, x60 and x100 varieties, which reflect the product’s relative sweetness to sugar. The AN0C Dream Sweetener product series is made with different formulations of GLG’s BlendSure and other natural components, the company says. The company describes the sweeteners’ taste as similar to cane sugar with the benefits of not having an aftertaste, providing a consistent sweetness for easier formulation, availability in a light powder form for easier handling, ability to reduce time to market for formulation and comparability to the cost of cane sugar. The all-natural products used with BlendSure to create AN0C Dream Sweetener products have all been previously certified under the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s generally recognized as safe process, the company says. The company has filed a patent application for the series in China with the intention of filing an international application for patent protection, it says.

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