Jamba Juice Co., Emeryville, Calif., and Zola, San Francisco, announced an exclusive licensing agreement to develop and launch a line of Jamba-branded daily Superfruit shots. The products, which target health-oriented, busy consumers, provide an easier way to get the special benefits of Brazilian superfruits in an all-natural daily shot, the company said. The products are expected to launch in Jamba Juice retail stores, grocery stores and other retail outlets in early 2011.
The new line of Jamba-branded daily Superfruit shots will come in three flavors with individual functionalities: Acai, with an antioxidant booster to support overall cell health; Cupuacu, with a vitality booster to help the body recharge naturally; and Acerola and Caja, with vitamin C booster, which aims to support the immune system, the company said.
Jamba Juice also partnered with Los Angeles-based O.N.E. – One Natural Experience to launch a line of Jamba-branded, ready-to-drink coconut water fruit juice blends. The new line of Jamba-branded products will be brought to market through the O.N.E. distribution system, and is expected to be available in select grocery, convenience and other retail outlets in early 2011. Jamba-branded coconut water fruit juice blends will leverage the natural isotonic benefits of coconut water and the flavors of various fruits to provide unique beverage options for health-minded, active individuals, the company said.