The Corn Refiners Association (CRA), Washington, D.C., petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow manufacturers to use the term “corn sugar” as an alternative to “high fructose corn syrup.”

The reason for the petition, CRA said, is that high fructose corn syrup does not contain high levels of fructose compared to other commonly used nutritive sweeteners. The organization says high fructose corn syrup is approximately half glucose and half fructose.

"Consumers need to know what is in their foods and where their foods come from and we want to be clear with them," said Audrae Erickson, CRA’s president, in a statement. "The term 'corn sugar' succinctly and accurately describes what this natural ingredient is and where it comes from – corn."

The distinction of “high fructose corn syrup” has created confusion among consumers about the contents of the sweetener relative to others on the market, CRA said.

"We hope that the FDA will act positively on our petition in the interest of consumer clarity," Erickson said, in a statement.