Mooala has launched its best-selling Bananamilks in an “on-the-go” format in Sprouts stores nationwide. Packaged in an 8-ounce, shelf-stable pack, the on-the-go Mooala’s are available in three different flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

“Our Bananamilks come in craveable flavors that kids and adults love, and our organic ingredients and nutrition also pass the ‘mom-police’ test,” said Mooala CEO, Jeff Richards, in a statement. “We wanted families to have a guilt-free option for kids to enjoy; these are delicious and sneakily nutritious, with just a fraction of the sugar of other flavored milks.”

Mooala’s Bananamilk has become a household favorite in its traditional 48-ounce multi-serve package, but this is the brand’s first single-serve version of its best-selling product. Mooala’s newest innovation delivers convenience, health, and deliciousness rolled into one eco-friendly package. The single-serve line is sold at a suggested retail price of $1.69 for an 8-ounce unit.

In addition to being the first brick-and-mortar retailer for “on-the-go” Bananamilk, Sprouts also is the inaugural national retailer for Mooala’s new Simple Organic line of Oatmilk and Almondmilk. 

Mooala’s flagship products, including the Original Bananamilk and Chocolate Bananamilk, also will be available for purchase on Sprouts’ shelves in the shelf stable milk section.