Force Control Industries, a leader in oil shear technology, unveiled its new MagnaShear motor brakes. The brakes are maintenance-free and require no adjustment, virtually eliminating motor brake downtime and maintenance costs, the company says. The resulting increase in production time can bolster productivity, efficiency and profitability for manufacturing plants, it adds. The dependable motor brakes allow maintenance personnel to be tasked with other projects, allowing facilities to accomplish more work with fewer employees, the company notes. MagnaShear motor brakes employ oil shear technology, allowing for a longer service life in demanding applications, such as those with frequent start/stop cycles or where the motor is reversed each cycle. Oil shear technology transmits torque between lubricated surfaces, and thereby eliminates wear on friction surfaces, the company explains. The MagnaShear brakes are totally enclosed, making them impervious to moisture, dirt and dust that is common in many manufacturing and warehouse environments. With the oil shear technology, a smooth, “cushioned” stop is achieved, reducing shock to the drive system, and again, extending service life of downstream components, it says. 

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