Ancho Reyes, a brand of Campari Group, introduced Ancho Reyes Barrica, the newest addition to its award-winning portfolio. 

Barrica represents a significant milestone for the brand — its first-ever barrel-aged Chile liqueur and the first new offering from the Ancho Reyes portfolio since the successful release of Ancho Reyes Verde in 2017, the company says.

Ancho Reyes Barrica builds upon the robust flavors of the Ancho Reyes Original, which was inspired by an original 1920s menjurje recipe, the company notes. The result is a unique blend of heat, sweetness, smoke, and spice, offering rich flavors reminiscent of dulce de leche, spiced vanilla, cinnamon, and orange zest layers atop the signature warm chili heat that Ancho Reyes is known for, it says.

“Ancho Reyes Barrica is a completely new type of barrel-aged liqueur that has the depth and complexity of Ancho Reyes Original but now as an elevated sipping spirit,” said Raul Gonzalez, global managing director for spirits at Campari Group, in a statement. “In Mexico, we often finish a dinner or a great meal with a drink shared amongst family and friends, and Barrica is the perfect sipping spirit to toast to that moment.”

Packaged in a 750-ml bottle, Ancho Reyes Barrica can be purchased online by visiting the company’s website.