Casa Lumbre unveiled Alma Finca Orange Liqueur, a super-premium Mexican orange liqueur made with all fresh citrus. 

Made using a combination of fruit and spices from the Yucatán Peninsula, Alma Finca Orange Liqueur brings the tastes of this undiscovered terroir to those who love and appreciate Mexican spirits and cocktails, the company says.

“Casa Lumbre is synonymous with innovation, and Alma Finca Orange Liqueur is a continuation of that commitment to artisanal values and sharing our love of the different terroirs and flavors of Mexico with the world,” said Master Distiller and Casa Lumbre Co-Founder Iván Saldaña in a statement. “Our newest creation allows us to showcase the essence of Yucatán, who’s rich and bountiful flavors are still influenced by its abundant culture and history. It is the citrus capital of Mexico and our inspiration for new Mexican mixology creations.”

Adhel Martinez, national ambassador at Casa Lumbre, added: “The Margarita is the world’s most popular cocktail, and it is proudly Mexican, and now, with Alma Finca Orange Liqueur, people can enjoy it with all Mexican ingredients. With rich flavors, Alma Finca Orange Liqueur also adds new layers to the margarita as well as other classics that call for orange liqueur such as the Cosmopolitan and White Lady. We hope Alma Finca Orange Liqueur will inspire mixologists and lovers of Mexican mixology to explore how the essence of Yucatán comes to life in their recipes.”

Packaged in 750-ml bottles the 40% ABV Alma Finca Orange Liqueur is available to purchase in select markets nationwide for a suggested retail price of $34.99 a bottle.