DEMON SPIRITS LLC, maker of Sinfully Smooth DEMON Spiced and DEMON TropiCoco Rum, teamed up with Kinsbrae Packaging and 17A Distillery in Las Vegas to deliver the Demon Rum Eco Bottle, made from 94% recycled paperboard. The Demon Rum Eco Bottle uses 84% less water, six times less carbon and is five times lighter than a glass bottle of the same size, the company says.

For Demon Rum, the partnership with 17A Distillery and Owner Brendan Gaughan, allows the company to produce and bottle in the southwestern United States. This alliance, along with the much lighter Eco Bottle, dramatically reduces the company’s overall shipping cost and carbon footprint. As an all-natural brand, these relationships are the next important step toward reducing the company’s environmental footprint, and establishes the foundation for future sustainability efforts, it says.

To further the company’s sustainable initiatives, an additional relationship with Ecodrive, a verified tree planting for climate action, has been formed. With each bottle of Demon Rum sold, a mangrove tree will be planted and blockchain verified by Ecodrive.

“Reducing waste and the overall carbon footprint through packaging is a challenge we need to address. We believe alternative solutions, like those including tree planting, help move the industry forward,” said Demon Spirits Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Warren in a statement. “We are committed to sustainable packaging for all future products under the Demon Rum brand.”

The process of moving the Demon Rum production and bottling operation to Las Vegas, with sustainable packaging was completed by the end of first quarter 2023. The new Eco Bottle joins the distinctive glass bottle, as both are sold in 750ml, six-bottle cases.