The manufacturing and supply chain community came together for a return to in-person trade shows with a record-setting MODEX event, according to show producer MHI. More than 37,047 visitors connected with more than 857 exhibitors across 405,000 square feet of exhibit space at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. 

 This was the largest MODEX event to date for MHI, with 20% more visitors than the last pre-pandemic show ― MODEX 2018. Additionally, the direct economic impact of this event to the Atlanta area is estimated to be $45 million.

The following are highlights from some of the exhibitors at the show:

DMW&H, Fairfield, N.J., promoted three new and upgraded warehouse solutions for beverage distributors. For example, its Tailored Warehouse Control System is able to easily integrate with order fulfillment technologies, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and warehouse management systems (WMS). Meanwhile its SURF Dispenser Solution is an automated wave releasing solution that offers high volume fulfillment in a compressed footprint and can be coupled with DMW&H’s Tailored Warehouse Control System. Lastly, DMW&H’s STEPS Palletizing Solution targets inefficient end of line mixed palletizing operations.

Honeywell, Charlotte, N.C., highlighted a strategic collaboration with OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath Robotics, giving warehouses and distribution centers throughout North America an automated option to handle some of the most labor-intensive roles in an increasingly scarce job market. The collaboration enables Honeywell customers to increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve safety by deploying OTTO’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in their facilities, it states.


DMW&H Dispenser Solution
Photo courtesy of DMW&H


JBT Corp., Chicago, discussed their ability to provide the correct AGV for beverage applications, with experience delivering custom solutions for both alcohol and non-alcohol beverage manufacturers and distributors

ORBIS Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., highlighted the intersection of automation with sustainability in reusable packaging solutions. A prominent feature was reusable containers and pallets optimized for automated systems. The company also highlighted the importance of increasing supply chain sustainability by showcasing reusable packaging solutions that can be manufactured, used, reused and reprocessed without impacting the solid waste stream. In addition to promoting the role reusables play in driving the circular economy concept, the company emphasized the importance in choosing the right container in the design of automated systems.

Ryson International, Yorktown, Va., promoted its wide track spiral systems. These spirals can handle a variety of load sizes, big and small with their 30- or 36-inch wide slats. The Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor can handle double the weight capacity of our standard spirals, and can provide an elevation change of up to 35 feet with only one drive. They are ideal for warehousing, e-commerce and order picking operations, it says.

Signode, Tampa, Fla., presented a wide array of new automation advancements. Among the highlights included, the newly enhanced cart-based StorFast ASRS system now operates at twice the speed, with improved control for acceleration and deceleration of the robotic carts. In addition, StorFast components can now handle pallets weighing up to 4,400 pounds and cold environment applications down to minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit. The innovative cart-based solution consists of powered carts and lifts that automatically move pallets in and out of storage positions in the warehouse.

Van der Graaf, Brampton, Ontario, highlighted its beverage initiatives for its drum motors and conveyor drives.

Westfalia, York, Pa., promoted its Savanna.NET, a unique warehousing solution comprised of tightly integrated warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) software. WES software is designed with the flexibility to meet each customer’s specific business needs, according to the company. Having been born from automation, Savanna.NET coordinates the work performed by automated material handling equipment, as well as those tasks performed manually, more effectively than many other WES applications, it states.

Wulftec, Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, exhibited its “smart series” pallet wrapping for kegs. A WCA-SMART automatic turntable stretch wrapping system combined with a pallet dispenser, a pallet stacker, an indexing table and a shuttle system to allow the changing of pallets under wrapped loads and also ensure that the products were well secured onto the new pallets.