Wexxar Bel, a division of Pro Mach, released a new tray forming system with servo drives to improve control and boost return-on-investment (ROI) in packaging applications. The IPAK tray formers integrate servo technology to help packaging machinery run more efficiently with a higher degree of accuracy and control with cases, while reducing noise, downtime and making the overall packaging process more user-friendly, the company says. With two servos, control is maximized while reducing waste. The first servo advances the corrugate blank into the compression section and guarantees precise speed control. It also ensures that the correct amount of glue is applied to the corrugate with no spill over, which supports a cleaner machine and a perfectly formed tray for improved stacked strength. The second servo motor actuates the mandrel drive to form the final tray and enables users to increase their speed (trays per minute) to boost throughput and achieve greater efficiency in motion

Wexxar Bel, 13471 Vulcan Way, Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1K4, Canada; 604/930-9300; wexxar.com.