KHS GmbH announced that its technology for regenerative beer stabilization now is available for smaller breweries with yearly outputs of as many as 70,000 hectoliters. Featuring a movable base, the Innopro ECOSTAB S can be flexibly integrated into the production process. Additionally, the stabilizing system is characterized by low media consumption, a low cost of investment and most importantly, a stabilizing system to ensure top beer quality with a long shelf life, it says. Even if the “best before” date on beer bottles suggests otherwise, beer does not spoil. “It simply changes,” KHS GmbH says. The small lumps that form are not yeast; rather, they are protein and polyphenols that eventually turn into large agglomerates that precipitate in the bottle and then become visible, according to the company. This can have a negative effect on buying behavior, necessitating the use of the Innopr ECOSTAB product line to offer regenerative stabilization using polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP), it adds. Because PVPP removes some of the haze-forming polyphenols from the beer and doesn’t remain in the beer, the result is low mixing phases, low media consumption and reliable production, it says. While the technology originally was developed for large- and medium-sized breweries requiring continuous stabilization, the tried-and-tested Innopro ECOSTAB S now is available for breweries producing less beer or for breweries that wish to stabilize a small part of their production.

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