UNEX Manufacturing Inc. makes storage systems that are used by beverage manufacturers and distributors to speed up fulfillment operations in the warehouse and to save on space. With UNEX carton flow and storage shelving, distributors can optimize their warehouse storage utilization so that distributors can add more products in the same footprint, the company says. The carton flow system doubles the capacity of storage compared with other carton flow systems. Conveyor rollers rest on pallet rack step beams to create gravity flow shelving that maximizes inaccessible space, minimizes loading time and helps ensure stock rotation. For a beer distributor, UNEX mapped out a Span-Track system to accommodate existing SKUs and create space for future growth. Using more than 800 feet of durable tracks, the distributor was able to get SKUs off the floor and into organized gravity-fed rows and racks, resulting in multiple benefits, including more efficient order picking because workers now can locate and retrieve long-tail SKUs more quickly and more easily as they are densely housed together in visible rows, it says. Other benefits include simple replenishment as the SKUs are easily restocked from the back; flexibility and diversity because racks are configured to accommodate a variety of SKUs that can be easily reconfigured as SKUs change; a cleaner and clutter-free warehouse; and optimized space savings.

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