Budweiser, a brand of Anheuser-Busch, launched Harvest Reserve Deep Golden Lager, a new limited-edition beer created in collaboration with farmers who have grown the barely used to brew Budweiser for generations, according to the company. Harvest Reserve is brewed with all-American barely that is toasted longer for a bolder taste and a crisp, hoppy aroma, with a smooth finish, the company says. It is an all-malt recipe that uses 100 percent American grains and each bottle features the signature of Jim Dixon, a fifth-generation Budweiser barely farmer who collaborated with brewmasters on the recipe, it adds. The limited-edition brew features a 5.4 percent alcohol-by-volume content and will be available beginning this month and throughout the harvest season in Des Moines, Iowa; and Omaha, Neb., while supplies last.


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