Pilz Automation Safety LP unveiled a new safety laser scanner: PSENscan. The scanner simultaneously monitors up to three separate zones, significantly increasing plant productivity, the company says. Additionally, as many as four safety laser scanners can be connected in one series, which reduces the cabling and set-up work. Because of the free configuration of warning zones and protection zones and the ability to adapt to existing structural conditions, PSENscan easily can be integrated into most varied applications, it adds. The flexible application range extends from stationary area monitoring to automated guided vehicles (AGV) and human-robot collaboration. The safety laser scanner offers two-dimensional area monitoring with a large opening angle of 275-degrees, so even when several adjoining sides of a machine or AGV are being monitored, the PSENscan works with fewer devices, when compared with a 180-degree scanner, it says. This, in turn, reduces capital expenditure and increases the cost-effectiveness of the application because as many as 70 switchable configurations covering a protected field range of 3 to 5.5 meters can be set up.

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