Holjeron, a division of Matthews Automation Solutions, announced the release of an updated ZoneLink and SDS Multi-Configuration Tool designed to simplify connectivity to motor driven roller controllers and Smart Distributed System (SDS) devices. The new ZTC-F64 tool, which replaces ZoneLink Serial Interface Module (ZL.S-F32) and the HSIM Portable Configuration Tool for SDS (HSM-PTB101), simplifies the company’s portfolio of tools and provides an interface to Holjeron’s proprietary ZoneLink motor driven roller controllers, as well as any device or system utilizing Honeywell and Holjeron’s SDS protocol, the company says. The tool still offers an off-the-shelf Cat 5 LAN cable to communicate with ZoneLink and SDS devices but eliminates the need for an RS232 serial port on the host PC. It also features a faster processor, reducing the time required to connect and communicate with controllers and devices, it adds. The device enables customers to carry just one tool to quickly connect to several different types of devices, the company says.

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