Van der Graaf announced it will soon release a new Intelligent Drum Motor (IDM) technology which is designed to deliver high continuous torque profile, full speed and indexing control, and significant energy-efficiency gains over traditional induction motors. Because the magnetic field of the rotor does not have to be magnetically induced, efficiency gains of up to 70 percent can be achieved in both no load and fully loaded conditions compared to conventional induction motor and gearbox combinations, the company says. This translates into higher torque and horsepower within the same frame size or the ability to use a smaller drum motor with IDM technology in equivalent applications for even further efficiency gains. Without the need for sophisticated and costly servo motors and controllers, the Van der Graaf drum motor with IDM technology comes fully integrated with a compact digital frequency inverter boasting full motor indexing speed control and communication, integrated Cat 3 dual channel STO safety mechanism and an all stainless junction box enclosure that meets IP69K ratings for ingress protection. Van der Graaf Drum motor with IDM technology will be available in late 2018.

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