Desert Door is debuting its self-titled sotol spirits in Texas this fall. Made with West Texas-grown evergreen sotol, also known as desert spoon plant, Desert Door’s sotol is available in two expressions: Original Desert Door Texas Sotol and Desert Door Oak-Aged Texas Sotol. Original Desert Door Texas Sotol features herbaceous and vegetal notes that leave the palate with a crisp earthiness, a hint of floral mint and just the right amount of sweetness, the company says. Packaged in 750-ml ceramic bottles, Desert Door Texas Sotol is 40 percent alcohol by volume and has a starting retail price of $50. At 100 proof, Desert Door Oak-Aged Sotol is aged in new American charred white oak barrels for 24 weeks. It features caramel vanilla, mint and floral notes, drawing touches of oak and a subtle hint of smoke with a sweet earthy finish, leaving impressions of white peppercorn, rose water and oaky vanilla, the company says. The aged varietal will be available in February 2018 in 750-ml ceramic bottles priced at $70. The products initially will be available at the distillery and in select bars and restaurants in Austin, Texas. The company expects distribution expansion in the coming months, it says.

Desert Door, Driftwood, Texas
Distribution: Select markets