The Alexandria, Va.-based International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) released an infographic and video aimed at helping consumers understand that bottled water uses very little of California’s water.

“8 Things you need to know about bottled water in California” walks consumers through the facts about the amount of water used to make bottled water, an important issue due to the ongoing California drought, the Association says.

A PDF version of this helpful infographic can be found on IBWA’s website.

“Thousands of consumer products use water to be made, but few do it as efficiently as bottled water,” says Chris Hogan, IBWA vice president of communications, in a statement. “100 percent of its contents are intended for consumption.”

The infographic and video show that bottled water uses only about 0.02 percent of all water in California each year, IBWA says. It takes only 98 minutes for that amount of tap water to be used each year in California. Moreover, less than 1 percent of tap water is consumed, it adds.

The association also notes that the majority of water produced in California stays in California. Additionally, 100 percent of all California bottled water companies are subject to all California state regulations, taxes, fees, monitoring, and inspections.

Compared with other packaged drinks, bottled water has the lowest amount of water used in production –– 1.43 liters per liter, including the contents. The video also reminds consumers that during times of emergency and natural disasters (e.g., floods, earthquakes, and wildfires), bottled water is always there when you need it, IBWA says.

“Bottled water is the nation’s healthiest drink, and even more appealing because it has the lowest water and energy use of any packaged beverage,” Hogan said. “Bottled water is also a very tiny and efficient water user –– important facts when you consider water scarcity.

“Bottled water is a valuable, on-the-go, consumer product and a necessity in times of emergency,” he continued. “This educational infographic helps consumers remain confident about choosing bottled water instead of other less-healthy packaged drinks –– for their own good and the good of the environment.”