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VaspenDuring the fourth quarter of 2014, SCC Partners Group LLC plans to release Vaspen still and sparkling waters sourced from the Sweetwater Lake Spring in Colorado’s Sweetwater Canyon, adjacent to nearly 240,000 acres of the FlatTops Wilderness Area, which does not allow motorized vehicles, oil and gas exploration, or human development of any kind, the company notes. From there, the water will be transmitted directly from the spring to an on-site bottling facility where it will be packaged without ever being touched by humans, eliminating any opportunity for contamination, it adds. The premium water has a pH of 7.5 and contains naturally occurring electrolytes for taste and hydration. It will be available in glass bottles for on-premise distribution in restaurants, hotels and resorts as well as for off-premise distribution in natural retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores and other channels. Initially, Vaspen water will roll out regionally to the Colorado market before expanding nationally and internationally.

SCC Partners Group LLC, Castle Rock, Colo.
Distribution: Select markets