This September, Left Hand Brewing Co., Longmont, Colo., will expand its craft beer supply across the United Kingdom with distribution partner James Clay, a U.K.-based importer and distributor of craft beer with 25 years of experience. In addition, Left Hand named Sharona Selby as its first on-site, international brewery representative to represent the brand in the U.K. market.

With 10 years of international distribution under its belt, Left Hand Brewing was an early entrant in the U.S. craft export scene. “For us, it’s about contributing to the craft beer movement,” said Chris Lennert, vice president of operations for Left Hand Brewing, in a statement. “We want to share American craft beer with the world.”

Left Hand Brewing’s expansion will bring the brewery’s Nitro series, featuring limited-release Milk Stout Nitro, to the United Kingdom for the first time. The nitrogenated beers were first introduced to a London audience at the Beer Innovation Summit with enthusiastic reception, the company said.

“American craft beer truly unites innovation and quality,”Selby said in a statement. “Something this good needs to be shared, and I am excited to see Left Hand become part of the wonderfully inclusive British beer community.” 

James Clay will distribute Left Hand’s line of craft beers, including Milk Stout, Black Jack Porter and Polestar Pilsner as well as limited-release Milk Stout Nitro, 400 Pound Monkey IPA and Sawtooth Ale.

“We have been fortunate to have presence over the years in mainland Europe,” Lennert said in a statement. “Our partnership with James Clay will provide us an established distribution in the U.K. and set us on the right path for years to come.”

The company also has a presence in the greater Scandinavia area and in Japan.