Tarpon Springs, Fla.-based A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. will display five active machines, including the Model 330HS case erector, the Model 436 top case sealer, the Model 72AGSS palletizer, the Model 70 Partition Inserter and the Model 206 case packer, at its booth at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago.

The Model 330HS case erector will be demonstrating the use of cool adhesives and showcasing A-B-C’s two-channel Graco adhesive system, which is designed to optimize soy-based adhesive usage and control costs. The 330HS is a mid-speed erector with a low-level, easy-load case magazine, a walking beam mechanical case drive and a servo sealing ram to ensure durability and reliability, the company says.

A-B-C’s Model 436 top case sealer will be demonstrating glue stitching technology, which uses intermittent “stitches” to create a secure seal. The Model 436 also seals cases with tape with an optional drop-in sealing module that can be installed in less than five minutes.

A-B-C also will introduce the Model 72AGSS palletizer, which is designed for plant environments with caustic and corrosive conditions. It has an all-stainless construction and rugged components to ensure quality performance and long machine life in harsh plant environments. This palletizer runs cases, bags, trays, totes and multi-packs at high speeds and in multiple pallet patterns that are all pre-programmed for quick changeover.

The Model 70 Partition Inserter features a new operator station and logic control for precise operation and plant integration as well as a simple touchscreen operator panel that provides full reporting, diagnostics and control.  The partitioner automatically opens and inserts chipboard partitions into cases or trays at speeds as fast as 35 cases per minute, the company says.

The Model 206 case packer uses servo-driven mechanics to provide accurate and consistent product accumulation, high-speed packing and quick changeover with programmed operation.  Powered adjustment parameters controlled by a touchscreen operator panel provide flexibility, while the machine mechanisms provide smooth handling of all package types, the company says.