Mountain Dew 4sight

PepsiCo and 4sight Inc. have collaborated to design a new, distinctive PET bottle design for the Mountain Dew brand. Design elements of the new bottles feature the following: a distinctive silhouette to give the bottle a solid shelf presence; the Mountain Dew logo embedded in the bottle to suggest individuality of the bottle and the brand; and a newly styled grip area with the Mountain Dew logo popping out, the company says. The grips appear to be on the inside, but they actually are on the outside of the bottle allowing customers to confidently clutch the bottle for what the company describes as “grab-me” appeal that is further enhanced by the texture of the outside grips. The new bottles currently are being produced in the 20-ounce size only and feature the same amount of resin as the previous design, the company says. The label was made approximately half the size and is designed to enhance the bolder structure, it says.