Vita Coco Tropical FruitVita Coco, in collaboration with Rihanna, added a new all-natural flavor to its line of coconut waters. Vita Coco Tropical Fruit is the seventh flavor in the Vita Coco portfolio and combines coconut water with pink guava, orange, red dragon fruit and pineapple flavors. Vita Coco Tropical Fruit comes in a bright magenta aseptic carton featuring Rihanna’s signature to mark the collaboration. Vita Coco coconut water is a hydrating beverage that contains five essential electrolytes, 15 times the potassium of a traditional sports drink and 100 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C, the company says. The beverage contains no fat or cholesterol. A 500-ml. package has a suggested retail price of $2.79.

Vita Coco, New York City
Telephone: 877/848-2262
Distribution: National