Alternatively Speaking

Some beverage companies are looking for benefits beyond cost savings in the search for alternative energy sources. Fetzer Vineyards this summer began construction of a solar array atop its winery bottling facility in Hopland, Calif., that is capable of generating 1.1 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, or 80 percent of the facility’s energy needs. The project marks the second solar installation in Hopland, and the company says it will offset more than 960,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.
The company developed the project with 3 Phases Energy Services LLC, a renewable energy developer and marketer, and MMA Renewable Ventures LLC, which will finance, operate and maintain the generation facility.
Tim Derrick, director of 3 Phase, said the arrangement allows companies to secure a “lasting, stable energy source without having to shoulder the up-front capital costs.”
Reed’s Ginger Brew, El Segundo, Calif., announced this summer that it would purchase 100 percent of its energy in the form of wind power credits from Renewable Choice Energy, Boulder, Colo. The company says the move will prevent it from producing 84,522 pounds of carbon dioxide air pollution during the course of one year. Wind, it says, is a clean, cost-effective power alternative. Reed’s is purchasing credits from new wind farms nationwide, and has included the Renewable Choice logo on its packaging and Web site to promote the move to consumers.