Changing Attitudes

The Hartman Group and ACNielsen recently identified several consumer trends affecting behaviors toward health and wellness foods. They include:
Balance will deepen among consumers as a dominant health and wellness ideology.
Consumers are exhibiting a declining reliance on external sources of authority.
Consumers will seek symbolic and practical expressions of simplicity.
Vitality will increase in importance as a measure of overall health and wellness.
Mobility will continue to be demanded by consumers for all eating occasions.
Increasingly, consumers will rely on authenticity to gauge value.
Self-diagnosis of health conditions and symptoms will grow, and will affect consumption behaviors.
Perceptions of freshness will grow as a primary driver of consumer behavior at grocery.
Consumers will work to reclaim control of their diets and daily food intake.
Consumers are seeking customized food and beverage solutions.
Source: The Hartman Group/ACNielsen