Holding a unique position within the conveying marketplace, Solus Industrial, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., manufactures conveyor components that are incorporated into beverage industry processing and packaging equipment, and the conveyors that link them together. Solus works with OEM conveyor manufacturers that use its products on new equipment, and also works with beverage plants to help them modify and upgrade existing equipment.

“For those companies that don’t have the option of investing in new equipment, Solus can work with them to help them upgrade or modify existing lines to accommodate new bottle shapes or further streamline other systems and operations,” says Dave Dickson, manager national accounts/distribution sales for Solus Industrial Innovations.

As more new products and packaging options develop, pressure is placed on conveyor systems to run faster and incorporate quick, tool-free changeovers to reduce downtime. Solus’ line of Guide Rails and Bracketing Systems help manage the higher speeds and unique package shapes, and offer precise control as they travel on the conveyor, Dickson says.

The friction between the chain or belt and the conveyor frame becomes another concern with higher conveyor speeds. Solus products, such as Nolu-SR wear strip material, reduce friction between the chain and conveyor to allow for the higher line speeds. The company also offers a plastic conveyor chain and belt made from its New Generation (NG) material, which provides one of the lowest coefficients of friction available, Dickson says.