SABMiller plc today issued its third quarter volumes. Lager volumes for the third quarter, ended Dec. 31., were level with the prior year, and 1 percent below last year for the first nine months of the financial year. Soft drinks volumes grew 2 percent in the quarter.
Consumer demand during the quarter varied across markets, the second-largest brewer said with some markets showing tentative signs of recovery, while in others demand remained subdued.
In Latin America, lager volumes grew by 4 percent in the quarter. Soft drinks volumes were up 9 percent in the region due to a strong sales performance in Central America, SABMiller said, in a statement.
In Europe, third quarter lager volumes declined 2 percent. In Africa, lager volumes rose 7 percent. Soft drink volumes across the region grew 7 percent on the same basis.
In South Africa, lager volumes declined 4 percent in the quarter as the country continued to experience a softening of consumer demand. Market share declined marginally over the quarter, it said. Soft drinks volumes also were down 5 percent in South Africa, impacted by a weak economy and unseasonal cold weather at the start of the quarter.
Volume growth in China slowed to 6 percent with heavy snow and wet weather suppressing demand across the country, the brewer said. Volumes in India were down 7 percent as well following excise increases and a continuation of regulatory impediments.