Ito En, Brooklyn, N.Y., released new unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea, Golden Oolong Tea and Oi Ocha Dark Green Tea Traditional Teas. The beverages are imported from Japan, where unsweetened teas are popular, the company says. Jasmine Green Tea is a green tea brewed with jasmine flower and is said to be a delicate tea with nuanced flavor, according to the company. Golden Oolong combines two fragrant oolong teas, Golden Cinnamon and Iron Goddess, that are steeped separately. Characterized as a variety for the “serious green tea drinker,” Oi Ocha Dark Green Tea has a more robust flavor than Oi Ocha Green Tea, which was released last year, and contains 400-mg. of antioxidants per bottle, the company says. The Traditional Teas are packaged in 16.9-ounce single serve bottles with a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Ito En Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Telephone: 718/250-4000
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Jasmine Green Tea: Purified water, jasmine green tea, ascorbic acid.