Táche announced the launch of two new pistachio milk flavors: Vanilla and Unsweetened Vanilla. With added hints of vanilla, the pistachio milks are versatile — the perfect companions to overnight oats, afternoon smoothies, during-dinner cereals, midnight cookies and any vegan baking, the company says. Boasting a smooth satisfying taste, the two flavors are low in calories and carbs, it adds. The Vanilla variety contains 80 calories for Vanilla with 7 grams of sugar (in each serving). Meanwhile the Unsweetened Vanilla offering contains no added sugars and features 50 calories with 1 gram of sugar (in each serving). Packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, Táche’s Vanilla and Unsweetened Vanilla Pistachio Milk are available to purchase in a six-pack for $48 by visiting the company website.

Táche, Brooklyn, New York

Internet: www.pisatchiomilk.com

Distribution: Online