Transportation Insight unveiled its next-generation business intelligence tool: Insight Fusion. The powerful analytics solution brings “real-time” visibility and actionable insights to transform supply chain and logistic programs, the company says. Today’s fleet companies need a single point of visibility covering all transportation modes to be able to see and manage how carrier rate increases, accessorial charges, geography, and seasonal demand impact their transportation costs, the company says. With on-demand data access and best-in-class data visualization, Insight Fusion gives executives and tactical supply chain managers a new perspective on their transportation management strategy so they can identify business trends, support decision-making and improve performance. Because the software centralizes transactional data for all logistics activity in one platform, it can assimilate output based on information gathered across the supply chain, thereby enabling stakeholders to access data to improve company performance and profitability. Additionally, the Insight Fusion Dashboard provides actual weight breakdown by different opportunity buckets to empower clients to dig deep into the data. It offers accessorial analysis, such as the impact of changes to oversized package specifications, and recommends modifications. It also assimilates detailed and summary-level reporting, data visualization, interactive mapping and transportation document storage in one platform for a holistic view of an enterprise for real time-in-transit analysis and review, helping companies uncover savings opportunities.

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