In Zone Brands announced new package formats of its current beverage line. Value Packs, also known as “Plus 1 Packs,” are ideal for consumers, the company says. BellyWashers’ Value Pack contains five 8-ounce bottles of BellyWashers 100 percent juice fruit punch and one free mess-free character topper. The TummyTickler Value Pack contains seven 6-ounce bottles of TummyTickler 100 percent apple juice and one free spill-proof character topper for preschool-aged children. TummyTickler Tots’ Value Pack contains 11 4-ounce bottles of TummyTickler Tots

40 percent reduced sugar apple juice for toddlers and one free spill-proof character topper. Suggested retail price for each In Zone Brands Value Pack is $5.29. Value Packs are currently available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide.