Focus on Switzerland

The Swiss beverage marketplace received two innovative products this month both in formulation and in packaging. Emmi Schwiez AG developed a health drink that stores a nutrient tablet in the lid of the bottle, which mixes with the beverage only when the bottle is opened. In addition, a new yogurt drink in Switzerland comes with an opening at both ends, allowing the consumer to either eat the contents with a spoon or drink from its top.
With Lacto Tab, Emmi has presented a new-generation beverage and packaging concept in the drinks market. The performance drink is based on milk serum, and enriched with the coenzyme Q10 as well as vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients are enclosed in tablet form in a blister inside the lid of the bottle, and do not enter the milk serum until just before the drink is consumed. This means the micronutrients, which are sensitive to light and oxygen, are protected from degrading in the beverage. Lacto Tab is similar to New York-based Brain Twist Inc.’s Defense, which launched in the United States last year and incorporated ingredients that were mixed with the beverage only when opened. Available in four varieties, Lacto Tab is low-calorie and lactose-free. The product, targeted at a wide audience, will be launched in Switzerland and key European markets during the summer.
Another innovation in packaging in Switzerland, the Lanz Jogurt Yo Yogurt Drink by Molkerei Lanz, comes in a package that can be opened from both ends. The Caffe Macchiato-flavored drinking yogurt features a screw-top so consumers can drink the contents, while the opposite end features a classic peel-off foil lid that allows consumers to spoon out the contents. This dual opening is very unusual for this type of product. BI
Source: Datamonitor, New York, N.Y,