Creator’s Briefs

Whey on the Web
Glanbia Nutritionals has launched a new consumer sports-focused Web site at The site serves as a resource for bodybuilders and other sports enthusiasts who want to learn more about the benefits of whey protein. In addition to featuring information about Glanbia’s CFM Whey Protein Isolate and TRI-Fx Bioactive Whey Fraction, the site will direct consumers to retail locations that offer the products.
— Glanbia Nutritionals Inc., 523 6th Street, Monroe, Wis. 53566; 800/338 2183;
Long-lasting carbohydrate
Palatinit has introduced Palatinose, a new carbohydrate with nutritional advantages, to the food and beverage industries. Palatinose is derived from sucrose and has a mild flavor. It is fully digested, thus offering the same calories as sugar, but is friendlier to teeth and is digested more slowly, leading to a lower glycemic response and prolonged glucose supply. Beverage applications include both mixes and ready-to-drink products.
— Palatinit GmbH, Gottleib-Daimler-Strasse 12, 68165 Mannheim, Germany; 49 621 421 148;
Grapefruit flavors
International Flavors & Fragrances has launched a new line of grapefruit flavor alternatives and oil extenders in response to the global grapefruit shortage. The flavors range from white and pink grapefruit to a citrus blend, and are created without the use of grapefruit oils or extracts. They can be used in both liquid and dry applications as well as confections.
— International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., 150 Docks Corner Road, Box 439, Dayton, N.J. 08810; 732/329-4600;
Natural grape extracts
Degussa Food Ingredients has become distributor for Ferco Nutraceutique’s Grap´Active product line in North America and Asia. The line includes grape seed and grape skin extracts for functional foods and health supplements. Ferco uses a gentle extraction technique that results in a flavorless, highly wettable and completely water-soluble extract, and can be used in beverages and dairy products. It has up to 95 percent polyphenol content, 85 percent proanthocyanidines, and 22 percent OPCs.
— Degussa Food Ingredients, 10311 Chester Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215; 513/771-4682;
Kosher for Passover
BASF’s Human Nutrition business recently announced that its vitamin A Palmitate 1.7 unstabilized oil has been certified kosher for Passover. Vitamin A palmitate 1.7 can be used to fortify oils and fats in the food and beverage industries, and for soft gelatin capsules in nutritional supplements. It is thought to improve vision, the immune system, stress response, metabolism and the nervous system.
— BASF Corp., 3000 Continental Drive North, Mount Olive, N.J. 07828; 800/527-9881;