Keeping Up With Jones

hey’ve done it again. Just when you think the creative folks at Jones Soda couldn’t possibly top last year’s Turkey & Gravy Soda introduction, they did. And not only did they unveil one new flavor inspired by a Thanksgiving feast, but five flavors in a holiday pack “just like mom used to make.” One could really get carried away with flavors such as Mashed Potatoes & Butter Soda, Green Bean Casserole Soda, Cranberry Soda, and Fruitcake Soda, in addition to Turkey & Gravy Soda. For all intents and purposes, this is a full meal deal (excuse the McDonald’s tie in.)
With messaging on the package that reads “New! Utensils included!”, I had to check to see what kind of spread they had packaged in glass bottles. For those who saw the Turkey & Gravy Soda, you know it didn’t come, to be polite, pre-strained. Rest assured, the new flavors require only an open mouth, and a straw comes standard in the variety pack box.
Considering the growing trend to come up with seasonal soft drink products, Jones Soda is really onto something by expanding this holiday line. While I don’t think the new sodas are destined to become household favorites, consumed right along with holiday faire, it’s smart marketing that really causes buzz. Last year, it seemed as though Turkey & Gravy Soda appeared in more media outlets than Britney Spears.
What are we in for next year? Maybe a little sweet potato concoction or breadpudding potion? Or maybe the company tries its hand at other holiday favorites such as corned beef and cabbage or Christmas cookie? I’ll leave it up to the experts.
True spirit
For sports fans who show their team spirit on everything from clothing to cars, Allied Domecq has created game- inspired cocktails. The Ref, a Stoli, Kahlua Especial and Espresso drink; The Red Flag is a blend of Beefeater, Lemon, Chambord and powdered sugar; The Bench Warmer is a cocktail featuring Stoli Razberi, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and triple sec; and the Cheerleader features Sauza Gold, Cointreau and the juices of lemon, lime and orange. Additionally, female fans will cheer for the Beer-tini, which is a blend of Stoli Ohranj, orange juice, beer and orange wedges.
Beer contest brewing
More than 150 beers from dozens of brewers and distributors around the country will compete to become “Best of The Fest” — or best all-around brew — at the Orlando Beer Festival this month. The winner will have its beer featured on tap at Universal CityWalk. Beer Festival guests also will have the chance to select their favorite beer as part of a "Tasters Choice" contest.
Water power
According to Skae Beverage International LLC, Orangeburg, N.Y., the U.S. women’s soccer team requested that Iceland Spring water be delivered to Athens in the months leading up the Olympics to stay hydrated during training and practices. The team won a gold medal in the final round, beating Brazil 2-to-1.
Betting bourbon
Knob Creek Distillery, Clermont, Ky., recently tested card sharks’ skills in a Texas Hold’em poker event. The Knob Creek Poker Classic hosted Texas Hold’em tournaments at bars and restaurants throughout Chicago and invited poker enthusiasts to get in on the action. In addition to local sports reporters, some lucky players had the chance to sit
at the main table and test their skills against local celebrities. While money wasn't wagered, participants were able to “raise” money for charity. At the conclusion of the Charity Poker Classic, Knob Creek made a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.
Sweet donation
Sweet Leaf Tea made a $4,000 in-kind donation to Austin City Limits Music Festival this year. The festival, featuring musical acts such as Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello and the Impostors, attracted 150,000 fans. An Austin City Limits Music Festival sponsor since 2002, Sweet Leaf Tea also contributed product to the event.