Berry Mix
Coca-Cola’s Sprite ReMix Berryclear was introduced at this year’s South Padre Island Spring break festivities. Coca-Cola Beach at the Radisson Resort Hotel on South Padre Island, Texas, became the Sprite ReMix Beach, building on the success of Sprite ReMix Tropical, which debuted last year. An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 spring breakers from around the country took part in beach activities during the two-week party. Post party, Sprite ReMix Berryclear hit shelves in stores nationwide this month in clear 20-ounce bottles, 12-ounce cans, multipacks and 1- and 2-liter bottles. Packaging graphics for Sprite ReMix Berryclear feature a purple-and-silver-accented version of the Sprite ReMix logo.
Sprite ReMix Berryclear
The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta
Telephone: 404/676-2121
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sucrose, natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate
Orange Frenzy, Thelma’s Peach Lemonade and Thelma’s Lemonade Tea, all introduced last year.

New Pups
Dr Pepper/Seven Up has announced Soda Shop Slushers frozen beverages are planned for U.S. fountain/foodservice locations. Available in two flavors, Crush Frozen Orange Dream and IBC Root Beer Float, the new frozen beverages will be launched in May by Slush Puppie Brands. Point-of-sale materials, including posters and machine decals will support the launch of the Slushers. The two new Soda Shop Slushers will join Polar Purple Shiver, Frozen Orange Frenzy, Thelma’s Peach Lemonade and Thelma’s Lemonade Tea, all introduced last year.
Crush Frozen Orange Dream/IBC Root Beer Float
Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Plano, Texas
Telephone: 972/673-7500
Distribution: National

Beer Hound
Flying Dog Brewery has announced the limited release of Heller Hound Bock, which features 5.9 percent alcohol by volume. The crisp and malty lager is brewed in the tradition of a German Mai Bock, and the label features an original design by Ralph Steadman, a well-known Gonzo artist. Available in six-packs, kegs and on tap at selected bars, the average retail price of a six-pack is $7.99. Heller Hound will be sold until July, after which the brewery’s Dogtoberfest beer will be released.
Heller Hound Bock
Flying Dog Brewery, Denver, Colo.
Telephone: 303/292-5027
Distribution: National

Water Works
Speedo and Performance Waters LLC, a division of Fuze Beverages, have announced Speedo Sportswater is being distributed nationwide. The low-carb, low-calorie water contains folic acid and electrolytes, and comes in four flavors: Orange Passionfruit, Fruit Punch, Lemon and Apple Starfruit. The retail price for each 18-ounce PET bullet-shaped bottle is between $1.29 and $1.49.
Speedo Sportswater
Fuze Beverages, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.
Telephone: 303/440-8226
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Fruit Punch: Purified/filtered water, crystalline fructose, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, natural fruit punch flavor with other natural flavors, ascorbic acid, sucralose, calcium chloride, niacin, calcium pantothenate, vitamin E acetate, acesulfame potassium, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, cyanocobalamin

Fine Starter
Opici Imports recently introduced Côtes du Ventoux Père Anselme Red 2001 as part of a group of four wines from the Rhône Valley debuting in the United States. The 50 percent Grenache Noir, 20 percent Syrah, 20 percent Carignan and 10 percent Mourvèdre blend is recommended served with white meats and summer meals. Each 750-ml. bottle is sold for $8.99.
Côtes du Ventoux Père Anselme
Opici Imports, Glen Rock, N.J.
Telephone: 201/689-3225
Distribution: National

Citrus Twist
Pernod Ricard USA, White Plains, N.Y., has announced Seagram’s Orange Twisted Gin is available nationwide as part of Seagram’s recently introduced flavored gin line. In addition to Seagram’s Orange Twisted Gin, Seagram’s Gin & Juice Cranberry and Seagram’s Gin & Juice Green Dragon with Ginseng also have been introduced. Supported by a full-scale advertising campaign and a series of national on-premise promotions and tasting sessions, Seagram’s Orange Twisted Gin is available in 1.75-liter, 1-liter, 750-ml., 375-ml., 200-ml. and 50-ml. sizes. The price per 750-ml. bottle is approximately $13.
Chilling Libation
The Absolut Spirits Co., Deerfield, Ill., recently launched Danzka Vodka nationwide. The vodka features citrus fruit flavors such as grapefruit, and is packaged in Danzka's signature metal bottle, which is designed to chill vodka. The vodka is made by combining demineralized water and 100-percent whole wheat grain, then processing it using continuous six-column distillation and a triple-filtration system in one of the oldest distilleries in Denmark. Danzka is available in the United States in three sizes: 50-ml., 750-ml. and 1-liter.
Saranac Sixers
F.X. Matt Brewing Co., Utica, N.Y., has launched two limited-release Saranac beer varieties, which will be available from April until June. Saranac Hefeweizen, an unfiltered wheat ale with yeast added for secondary fermentation in the bottle; and Saranac Belgian White, a traditional unfiltered Belgian witbier, were both introduced in 2003 as part of limited-release packages. They will now be available in six-packs in grocery and beverage retailers in select states.
Red Release
Craggy Range Winery in New Zealand has recently launched the Gimblett Gravels Vineyard 2002 Merlot, its first red wine debuted in the United States. Produced from vineyards in the Gimblett Gravels District, the 2002 Merlot contains 9 percent Malbec and 6 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives it a black/purple color and aromas of dark fruit, chocolate and coffee. Each bottle retails for approximately $35.
On Tap
Dominion Oak Barrel Stout has made its six-pack debut in stores throughout the Washington, D.C., area. After a successful keg launch of the Old Dominion Brewpub’s best-selling beer on draught, Old Dominion Brewing Co., Ashburn, Va., formulated the beer for retail distribution. The original barrel-aged brew will continue to be produced for sale in pints and growlers at the brewpub.
Port Debut
Part of the Fladgate Partnership, a group of four well-known port houses, Fonseca has introduced its 2001 vintage of Quinta Do Panascal in the United States. Wines from Panascal, Portugal, are key components in Fonseca vintage ports. The 2001 vintage features an opaque purple color, aromas of cherries and dark plums, and a dark berry fruit flavor. Each bottle retails for $45 to $50.
Teapod Brew
Salton Inc., Lake Forest, Ill., has introduced Cooper’s Teapods in four flavors: Zen in Black, a breakfast blend made with 100 percent black tea; Shades of Jade, a green tea with a hint of lemon; All That Razzberry, a 100-percent natural herbal tea with raspberry; and My Chai, a spiced chai blend, will be available this June. The teas can be prepared hot or iced in approximately 35 seconds in the Melitta One: One automatic pod brewing system. All Melitta One: One tea pods are packaged in 18 individually wrapped and sealed nitrogen-flushed foil pouches per box, and retail for $4.99.
Italian Vintage
A.V. Imports has recently released the 2003 vintages of its Ca’ Montini L’ Aristocratico Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon. Produced in the Trentino region in Italy, Ca’ Montini selects grapes from vineyards in the foothills of the Alps for its Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon wines. Each tapered, pyramid-shaped 750-ml. bottle retails for $15.99. Additionally, the Pinot Grigio is available in 375-ml. and 3-liter bottles.
Grigio Returns
Estancia Winery, Monterey, Calif., has announced it will release its 2003 Pinot Grigio nationwide this month after a successful limited release last year. Estancia 2003 Pinot Grigio is produced from grapes grown in cool-climate vineyards that are hand selected and pressed in traditional basket presses. The retail price for Estancia Pinot Grigio is $16 per bottle.
Purified Hydration
Eon Beverage Group Inc., Bedford, Texas, has announced that Eon water is now available in San Diego. According to the company, Eon is purified water that delivers cellular hydration through technology that restructures the water in bio-molecular clusters. The company claims the water provides cellular absorption while enhancing the body’s oxygenation. Eon is purified through a reverse-osmosis process and contains trace elements and electrolytes found in natural streams.
Aussie Arrival
Southcorp, one of Australia's largest winemakers has announced that it will release a new brand, the Little Penguin, in North America. The range will consist of a Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, and be available in both 750-ml. and 1.5-liter bottles beginning in July.
“In the current wine market, we recognize the opportunity for a brand that appeals to consumers who look for new and different brands, both in wines and in other areas of their lives,”said Senior Vice President of Marketing Doug Rogers in a statement. “The Little Penguin wines are easy-to-drink and have an eye-catching label, which we believe will appeal to those who are not necessarily interested in the legacy of a winery or a vineyard's terroir, but want to pick up 'something fun' to enjoy at parties or get-togethers.”
IN Brief
The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, producer and distributor of Bacardi Mixers under license from Bacardi U.S.A., has announced it will expand distribution of its Bacardi shelf-stable bottled mixers in Strawberry Daiquiri, Piña Colada and Margarita flavors. Bacardi Mixers are available in 1-liter and 1.75-liter sizes, in both alcohol (1 percent by volume) and non-alcohol versions…
Van Gogh Vodka, imported by Luctor International, Reno, Nev., previewed its super-premium Coconut vodka at this year's Night Club and Bar trade show in Las Vegas. Van Gogh offers nine flavored vodkas and an assortment of liqueurs and gin…
Soft Drinks
Pepsi-Cola North America, Purchase, N.Y., is bringing Mountain Dew LiveWire back to store shelves nationwide for the summer. Orange-flavored LiveWire was released last summer and remained on the market through September of last year…
The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, is reportedly entering the mid-calorie cola market. The launch of what experts predict will be called C2 is set for July…
Shiner Summer Stock, a Kölsch-style beer, has been released by the Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, Texas, and will be available from now until September 30…
Diageo has introduced Smithwick's Irish ale in the United States. Smithwick's will be available in Irish pubs in markets such as New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles…
Dairy/Soy Drinks
Odwalla Inc., Half Moon Bay, Calif., recently debuted Chocolate Super Protein as part of its soymilk beverage line. Each 450-ml. bottle offers 18 grams of soy protein and eight essential amino acids…
Eden Foods Inc., Clinton, Mich., now offers chocolate-flavored Endensoy and Unsweetened Edensoy, made from organically grown cocoa from the Dominican Republic…
Pacific Foods, Tualatin, Ore., has announced Low Carb Soy Milk is available in 32-ounce shelf-stable, aseptic cartons. It is offered in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors…
Vitasoy USA Inc., Ayer, Mass., recently debuted Vitacarb, a soymilk low in carbohydrates that is available in Unsweetened (2 grams net carbs), Original (3 grams net carbs) and Vanilla (4 grams net carbs) flavors…
Gevalia Kaffe, Clifton, N.J., has introduced a French Roast-style coffee. Available in ground and whole bean varieties, the coffee features a full-bodied flavor and smoky accents, according to the company…
S&D Coffee Inc., Concord, N.C., recently announced Caramel and French Vanilla flavors have been added to its Flavored Latte line. The caffeine-free powdered milk product can be run through standard instant cappuccino machines, and can be served as a steamer or added to coffee for a flavored latte…
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc., Waterbury, Vt., and the National Wildlife Federation have introduced Organic Spring Morning Blend and Organic Toasted Almond seasonal limited-edition coffees. The coffee beans are grown in shaded tropical environments for migratory birds, and will be available until May…
Stanmar International Inc./Ceres Fruit Juices, Toronto, Ontario, has introduced 100-percent Pineapple juice. Additionally, the company recently announced its line of 100-percent juice drinks in flavors such as Mango, Cranberry & Kiwi and Medley of Fruits is available in 10-ounce glass bottles…
Raven Ridge Cidery Inc. in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, has announced that Kelowna Land & Orchard's Raven Ridge Cidery is now available in British Columbia's lower mainland. The cidery's 2003 vintages, which will be released in May, will include a new Ambrosia iced cider and a naturally carbonated sparkling cider…
Bolthouse Farms Inc., Bakersfield, Calif., now offers Green Goodness, a 100-percent juice drink with wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, apples, kiwis and bananas, among other nutrients and fruits…
Naked Juice Co., Glendora, Calif., has announced two flavors have been added to its Superfood line of juice drinks: Red Machine and Blue Machine. In addition to one pound of fruit per pint and vitamins and minerals, Red Machine features cranberries and red algae. Blue Machine offers B vitamins and blue-colored berries…
The Switch Beverage Co., Richmond, Va., recently introduced three new flavors to its line of carbonated 100-percent juice drinks. Black Cherry, Orange Mango and Grape are now part of the line of beverages…
Jones Soda Co., Seattle, has launched 16-ounce Sugar Free Jones Energy Drink, sweetened with Splenda. In other news, the company launched Jones Chocolate Fudge Soda to grocery chain accounts and distributors in the Northwest and Southwest in conjunction with the Easter holiday…
Adirondack Pure Springs Mt. Water Co. Inc., Garden City, N.Y., has changed its name to Continental Beverage and Nutrition Inc. The company produces private label bottled water, and is expanding its focus to include nutritionally enhanced beverages…
Stoney Ridge Estate Winery, Vineland, Ontario, was awarded Best Red Wine of Show and Best White Wine of Show by The Winemakers of Ontario at Cuvée 2004 held at White Oaks Inn and Conference Resort, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, last month. Its 2002 Reserve Cabernet Franc and 2003 Founder’s Signature Collection Charlotte’s Chardonnay were recognized for the awards…

New Product Introductions by Category
Category No. of Reports
% change
No. of SKUs
' 03/’04/
% change
Wine & Wine Coolers 40/42/5 101/155/53
Beer & Ale 21/25/19 38/38/--
Liqueurs & Other Alcohol Drinks 63/40/(37) 144/93/(35)
Alcohol Beverage Substitutes, Low Alcohol 3/1/(67) 14/3/(79)
Bottled Waters 6/9/50 19/28/47
Soft Drinks 21/12/(43) 114/28/(75)
Isotonic, Energy Producing Beverages 17/20/18 32/32/--
Health Drinks 9/7/(22) 40/15/(63)
Fruit & Fruit Flavored Drinks 41 /30/(27) 155/128/(17)
Vegetable & Vegetable Flavored Drinks 2/1/(50) 7/1/(86)
Baby Beverages 12/6/(50) 20/33/65
Milk, Non-Dairy Milk & Yogurt Drinks 12/24/100 34/63/85
Tea 25/26/4 189/91/(52)
Coffee 17/24/41 79/210/166
Beverage Mixes & Flavorings 24/24/-- 100/70/(30)
Grand Totals: 313/291/(7) 1086/988/(9)
Source: Productscan Online ( Current year-to-date introductions as of March 25, 2004. Previous year-to-date introductions as of March 25, 2003.