Conveyor system
Dematic Corp. launched the Rapistan Modular Conveyor System conveyor technology line. The integrated and flexible package conveyor system offers improved carton control, quiet operation and low-energy consumption, the company says. The modular conveyor sections include roller or belted straight sections, curves, inclines/declines, right angle transfers and steerable wheel diverters. Modules can be added or moved as needed, and the system can be retrofitted into an existing conveyor system. The system also can be configured with motorized rollers, standard AC driver or variable frequency drives. - Dematic Corp., 507 Plymouth Ave. NE, Grand Rapid, Mich. 49505; 616/913-7287;
Automatic lift cart
Benko Product Inc. introduced the Erg-O-Cart, an automatic lift for waist-level loading and unloading. Erg-O-Cart weighs 45 pounds and is made from rugged aluminum construction. The cart also has a 350 pound weight capacity and can be modified for any loads such as beer kegs. The lift mechanism lowers and raises boxes automatically to the same level each time. The automatic lift works for beer, beverage and wine deliveries. - Benko Product Inc., 5350 Evergreen Pkwy., Sheffield Village, Ohio 44054; 440/934-2180;
Strip door
Aleco added XHD-175 to its line of ImpacDors strip doors. The XHD-175 provides a solution for heavy loading dock applications, in addition to wash down, security and refrigerator applications. Aleco’s strip doors meet USDA requirements by not containing parts or substances that are harmful in a foodservice environment. The strip door is resistant to impact abuse by carts, pallets, hand trucks and folk lift traffic. It also can be custom made for large openings. The line is available in a variety of thicknesses and colors, and many feature insulated panels and tight, energy-efficient seals as well as corrosion-resistant hardware. Maintenance-free panels also are included. - Aleco, 2720 East Avalon Ave., Muscle Shoals, Ala. 35661; 800/633-3120;
Adhesive spirals
Nordson Corp. introduced PatternJet, a hot-melt adhesive labeling system with EcoPattern technology. EcoPattern technology employed with the PatternJet system delivers tiny spirals of adhesive onto any size container with little or no stringing, the company says. The adhesive does not come in contact with the product or the label. The closed system is not exposed to ambient air, contaminants or particulates. The system also features minimal adhesive degradation and charring as well as insulation to help cut energy costs. - Nordson Corp., 11475 Lakefield Drive, Duluth, Ga. 30097; 800/683-2314;
Foaming station
Zep Inc. launched Zep StrongBox, a foaming station built to survive the most difficult food processing environments, the company says. Zep StrongBox connects to either house pressure or a low-pressure pump system, and provides a sanitizer spray and high foam. The system is made from stainless steel and does not contain internal plastic parts. Features include a tamper-resistant meter tip placement, color-coded chemical pickup, three non-return valves built into the air line and an ergonomic recessed valve. The StrongBox line also consists of three products: StrongBox 1, an airless foamer with a fixed chemical suction hose; StrongBox 2, an air system with one fixed chemical suction hose; and StrongBox 3, a kit with one fixed chemical suction hose. - Zep Inc., 1310 Seaboard Industrial Blvd. NW, Atlanta, Ga. 30318; 404/355-3120;
Pressure washer
Hotsy Pressure Systems Inc. redesigned its 5700 Series hot water pressure washer. The 5700 Series is a stationary hot water pressure washer ideal for wash bay installations where vehicles, heavy equipment or machinery are cleaned. The washer has a 20 horsepower Baldor electric motor and is available in 208, 230, 460 or 575 volt, 3 Phase and comes with thermal overload protection. The upright coil maintains constant temperature using oil, natural gas or liquid propane, the company says. Features of the 5700 Series include removable side panels, a Smart Relay System, which allows users to have complete control over run time, and a Hotsy belt-drive pump, featuring NESTechnology with U-Seals for three times longer pump life. - Hotsy Pressure Systems Inc., 4275 NW Pacific Rim Blvd. Camas, Wash. 98607; 800/525-1976;
Automation machinery
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. enhanced its Simatic PCS 7 Process Automation System with new features, including Advanced Process Library designed to reduce engineering and lifecycle costs, the company says. The PCS 7 Version 7.1 Advanced Process Library offers pre-engineered function blocks, faceplates and human machine interface symbols. The faceplates are designed to be more ergonomic and intuitive for the operator by linking them to other displays containing related process information, the company says. Control recipes can be modified while running, and as-run recipes can be saved as a new Master Recipe for future usage. - Siemens Energy & Automation Inc., 3333 Old Milton Pkwy., Alpharetta, Ga. 30005; 800/964-4114;
Control module
Emerson Process Management introduced FieldQ control module for use in conventionally wired applications. FieldQ covers multiple applications from simple switching to high-end busses with diagnostic capability. In addition, the equipment also enables on/off control and provides all the FieldQ benefits of a rack and pinion pneumatic actuator with controls in a compact, modular package. The modular design removes the need to specify, order and assemble individual components from multiple suppliers, which eliminates compatibility issues and reduces inventory, the company says. FieldQ is available in torque outputs ranging from 40 Nm to 1,600 Nm, and in spring return or double acting configurations. - Emerson Process Management, 12301 Research Blvd., Building 3, Austin, Texas, 78759; 512/835-2190;
Resin blend
Invista debuted containers made from PolyShield resin at the Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conferences in April. One-way kegs produced from PolyShield resin/nylon-MXD6 blends offer a modular filling-line system, which can be adapted to brewing operations of any size. The blends are used for monolayer beer bottles and feature an active oxygen scavenging and passive carbonation barrier when combined with nylon-MXD6 and also provide clarity for tinted bottles, the company says. PolyShield resin can be processed on standard PET preform and bottle manufacturing equipment. Containers from the blends can be recycled into colored PET applications such as fiberfill and strapping. - Invista, P.O. Box 2800, Mississauga, Ontario; L5M 7V9; 877/446-8478;
Heat-resistant pitcher
Eastman Chemical Co. partnered with Polar Plastech Inc. to introduce Polar Pitcher, made with Eastman Tritan copolyester. Tritan is manufactured without bisphenol-A (BPA) and balances the properties of clarity, dishwasher durability, toughness and stain and odor resistance, the company says. Polar Pitcher is a 60-ounce plastic beverage pitcher with a built-in cooling cylinder that holds ice and keeps beverages chilled in a sanitary manner. Polar Plastech plans to offer Polar Pitcher to the at-home user in ice blue, cool grape and wintergreen colors. - Eastman Chemical Co., 200 South Wilcox, Kingsport, Tenn. 37662; 800/327-8626;
Nitrogen gas generator
The Domnick Hunter Industrial Division of Parker Hannifin improved its range of Midigas nitrogen gas generators. The generators provide nitrogen gas in low to high volume requirements. Midigas generators offer high-purity nitrogen from a supply of compressed air. This eliminates the need for gas storage cylinders, dewars or bulk storage, the company says. Each generator is supplied as an integrated system, and uses pressure swing adsorption technology with pairs of extruded aluminum modular columns filled with carbon molecular sieves. The operation of each Midigas system is automatic. - Parker Domnick Hunter, 5900-B Northwoods Pkwy., Charlotte, N.C. 28269; 800/345-8462;
Equipment audits
FKI Logistex offers a performance audit program for its sliding shoe, linear belt and pop-up wheel sortation equipment and systems, including the UniSort product line. Audits include a complete equipment inspection and review of operational and maintenance procedures. The service also includes a detailed audit report containing equipment drawings, performance checklists and digital photographs for technical reference. The audit engineer will provide schedules for recommended future audits and preventative maintenance. - FKI Logistex, 9301 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 877/935-4564;
Paperboard for multipacks
Graphic Packaging International Inc. introduced Cap-it, an eco-friendly paperboard multipack. Cap-it multipack provides structural integrity, billboard and portability while out-performing plastic solutions, the company says. The design uses less fiber, and the short and long sides of the billboard also adapt to retail shelf space limitations. The Cap-it packaging machine is available for bottles from 12-ounces to 32-ounces, and is capable of operating at speeds of 150 packs per minute. - Graphic Packaging International Inc., 835 Franklin Court, Suite A1, Marietta, Ga. 770/795-3745;
Bar dispensing catalog
Micro Matic USA Inc. released the 2009 Bar & Beverage Dispensing Equipment catalog, which has been expanded to 140 pages of the latest equipment for “The Total Bar Solution.” The company can deliver a complete bar from the draft beer system to underbar stainless sinks and ice chests. The catalog also can be used as a reference for draft beer systems, the company says. In addition to the catalog, resources including product photos, specifications and videos are available online at - Micro Matic USA Inc., 19791 Bahama St., Northridge, Calif. 91324; 818/882-8012;
Sports cap
Seaquist Closures introduced the 28-mm. Original Sport Cap to the North American beverage market. The cap features seal technology to ensure package integrity throughout transportation, storage and consumption, the company says. The tamper-resistant, easy-grip tear band ensures product safety, and the hinged flip lid allows for one-handed dispensing. The 28-mm. Original Sport Cap also features a standard neck finish, a high flow rate of 47 ml. per second, and it holds up to 45 psi of pressure. - Seaquist Closures, 711 Fox St., Mukwonago, Wis. 53149; 262/363-7191;
Pressure-sensitive label applicator
Label-Aire Inc. added Label-Aire Model 3111 HS to its line of advanced pressure-sensitive label applicators. The applicator can apply labels up to 1,000 labels per minute, and uses Label Aire’s Air-Blow technology, which retains the label by vacuum on a honeycomb applicator grid. When the product passes under the grid, the label is blown onto the product. Model 3111 HS also features a DC Servo, which allows the unit to handle up to 5,000 inches of web per minute at peak velocity. It also can be mounted in any position adjacent to the production line to apply labels to the top, side or bottom of products. - Label-Aire Inc., 550 Burning Tree Road, Fullerton, Calif. 92833; 714/449-5155;
Anti-siphon device
Kenworth Truck Co. offers a tamper-resistant metal anti-siphoning device standard on all Kenworth Class 8 vehicles specified with round diesel fuel tanks. The anti-siphon device, located on the tank filler neck, features a quarter-inch thick heavy metal barrier. The design does not slow the refueling process, the company says. - Kenworth Truck Co., Box 1000, Kirkland, Wash. 98083; 425/828-5000;