SABMiller’s South African subsidiary South African Breweries Limited (SAB) has invested about $22.5 million in the FIFA Soccer World Cup. The funds have been invested in infrastructure in South African townships, Castle Lager campaigns and marketing in support of the World Cup and a number of packaging innovations.
SAB will be introducing a new easy opening can with a lid that's completely removable, thus allowing the can to serve as a cup, the company said. The can is fully recyclable.
The company also will produce a limited run of 1 million aluminum bottles, which will be the first time aluminum bottles are introduced in the South African beer market, the company said. The limited-edition package will be available in select stores and bars.
SAB also will introduce a speed bar, which aims to assist retailers to manage congestion in high traffic areas. SAB will provide a robust bar counter with upright fridges that customers can use during periods of high demand, such as before and after matches, the company said. In addition, SAB recently reached an agreement with FIFA and the host cities to provide beer at FIFA Fan Fests during the tournament.
SAB estimates it will sell an additional 100,000 hectaliters of beer, which equates to 30 million 340-ml. beers, during the five-week World Cup period. This is above normal consumption during the June/July period, the company said.
In addition, SAB has invested another approximately $39.7 million in its sponsorship of the team Bafana Bafana over a five year period from 2008 to 2012. The sponsorship is part of SAB's relationship with the national team, which started in 1992.
In terms of SAB's investment in the World Cup, one of the initiatives that will have long-term benefits for the country is an investment of more than $5.3 million in the "Castle Kingdoms" initiative, the company said. The initative will see taverns and bars across the country being transformed via an infrastructure upgrade into bright, inviting and rejuvenated soccer themed venues, the company said. SAB's efforts are being focused on 42 townships South Africa.
SAB also has invested in several campaigns to support the role of the Castle Lager brand in the World Cup. The first of these campaigns is Castle Superfans, which was launched in October 2009, and is aimed at rallying the nation to get behind Bafana Bafana on its journey to hosting the World Cup.
The second campaign is Bula Boot, which is a metaphor for SAB's hospitality. It will involve two person teams driving to venues — a designated driver and a host. One hundred teams of two people in the nine host cities will travel to major events, including sports matches and concerts. The teams will invite people arriving at the events to have a drink and a snack.